Natural Oval Alexandrite 6.07ct (Unheated)

Natural Oval Alexandrite 6.07ct (Unheated)

  • $7,60000

This is a beautiful and natural Oval Alexadrite 6.07ct Gemstone. 100% Authentic from Ceylon.

Alexandrite. Oval. 13x9.1m Depth 6.1m Wt. 6.07cts Step cut bottom. 5-10% window. Brilliant luster. 3 or 4 minute crystal inclusions present towards one due, not seen at all unless check with 10X. Slightest of silk present in the crown in a very small area and seen only when held at a certain angle under strong light. Fine Medium Green in daylight turning to Reddish Orange under incandescent (Yellow) Light. Definite color change of approx. 60-70%Certificate available from Best Gem Lab in Sri Lanka.

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